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SOCI 1010. Lecture # 6 - Social Analysis on Families. Oct 11, 2012.docx

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York University
SOCI 1010
Fred Diamond

Thursday, October 6, 2012 Lecture # 6 – Social Analysis on Families SOCI 1010 – Introduction to Sociology F. Diamond Structural-Functionalist Perspective: Family is a Social Institution Functions - Reproduction - Regulation of Sexual Activity - Procreation - Socialization - Maintenance and Support BUT…. - Heterosexual family…Norm. Lone parent, same-sex…Abnormal/dysfunctional/deviant. - Family breakdown is a primary social problem – Leads to secondary social problems including crime, poverty, and substance abuse. - Caused by rapid social change and social disorganization. Conflict Perspective: - Influence of Social class and Power. - Unequal power part of the problem of domestic violence. - Marriage –An institution to protect property. - Patriarchy - Male dominance. - Wives as property. - Unequal distribution of wealth and income. - Sexual division of labor. - Family policy and social programs shaped by and serve the interest of the powerful and wealthy. - Corporate interests often conflict with needs of families. Symbolic Interactional Perspective: - Human behavior dependent on meanings and definitions emerging from social interaction. - As social meanings change, behavior changes. Divorce: (UP) Removal of stigma, social acceptance – Increased divorce rates (DOWN) Stigma and Social sanctions = Low divorce rates Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: A concept referring to the tendency for people to act in a manner consistent with the exception of others. - Labeling affects the family - Visitation rights: Divorced Dads see themselves as visitors to their children. - Father’s rights advocates suggest replacing with terms “parenting plan” or “time-sharing arrangements”. Useful perspective for understanding family violence: - Emotional abuse: Often involves using negative labels (e.g. “stupid”, “whore”, “bad”) to define a partner or family member. Such labels negatively affect the self-concept of abuse victims, often convincing them that they deserve the abuse
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