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SOCI 1010. Lecture # 7 - The Sociology of Age. Oct 18, 2012.docx

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York University
SOCI 1010
Fred Diamond

Thursday, October 18, 2012 Lecture # 7 – The Sociology of Age SOCI 1010 F. Diamond Global Context: - Treatment of a person based on age is country and culture specific. - Linked to economic dependency and social interpretations. In Canada: - Youth is highly valued. - Minors are treated differently from adults Ageism: The belief that age is associated with certain psychological, behavioral or intellectual traits. Age: A Variable Impact: - Determines life experiences. - Associated with different development stages. - Defines roles and expectations of behavior. - Influences membership of social groups. - Defines legal status (what you can or cannot do). Age Grading – The assignment of roles given to chronological ages. Childhood: Birth – 17: - Subdivided into infancy, childhood, and adolescence. - Social category – developed after industrialization. - Canada – Child labour laws. - Education. - Sexual exploitation of children (serious crime) Adulthood: 18 – 64: - Subdivided into young adulthood, adulthood, and middle age. - Dramatic role changes (entering workforce, marriage, parenthood). - Concept of middle age recent development (life expectancy extended). - “Sandwich generation” o Emotionally and economically responsible for both young and children and aging parents. Elderhood: 65+: Divided into young-old, old and old-old. - Young-old: Healthy, active, independent. - Old-old: Less healthy, less active, and more dependent. - Myths about the Elderly: o Always sick. o Most in nursing homes. o Senile. o Victims of crime. o Loss of sexual satisfaction. o Unable to adapt. Views of Society: Structural-Functionalist View of Society: - Interconnected of Social system – statuses and roles, social institutions – Functions. o Other social institutions; economy, education, media, family, religion, peer
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