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SOCI 1010. Lecture # 8 - Juvenile Delinquency. Nov 8, 2012.docx

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York University
SOCI 1010
Fred Diamond

Thursday, November 8, 2012 Lecture # 8 – Juvenile Delinquency SOSC 1200 – Introduction to Sociology F. Diamond - When having a child as a teenager, studies have shown that it may be more beneficial to have the child earlier in life rather than later as the younger the mother, the more likely friends and family members will help out. - Self-report studies were issued across schools and showed a more even distribution of deviant/criminal acts over socio-economic status. - The status of youth has changed drastically over the years in terms of punishment (used to be tried as adults, not so much now). - Male are seemed to be more criminally orientated growing up. Woman are controlled more at a younger age and men are socialized to be aggressive (“machoness”). - If a child is brought up by a single Mom, the argument can be made that they have a higher likelihood for deviance. - In the past, Canada had the highest youth incarceration rate in comparison to any western country (including the United States). - The structure of a city is an important factor in determining a city’s capacity for crime. The structure and well-being of a neighborhood seems to have a direct effect on a group and its tendency for crime. - Introduce options to kids that show them that they don’t have to engage in crime, they don’t have to feel like they have no other options. Juvenile Delinquents Act (JDA) 1908 – 1984: - Informal proceedings. - Judicial discretion - Private hearings. - Indetermina
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