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SOCI 1010
Jeff Landry

NAMEAPSOCI 1010Professor KenedyDATEReading Response 8 Interaction and Organization4 What do Brym and Lie say about groups bureaucracy social networks primary and secondary groups group think and formal organizationsSociologists state that there are three other factors to the Holocaust aside from the fact that the Nazis were evil or deluded enough to think that Jews and other undesirables threatened the existence of the German peoplethe Nazi thought the innocents had to be killed The first factor stated was that norms of solidarity demand conformityThis states that when we form relationships we develop shared ideas or norms of solidarity about how we should behave toward them to sustain the relationshipwe sometimes pay more attention to norms of solidarity than to the morality of our actions The second factor was that structures of authority tend to render people obedientThis states that most people find it difficult to disobey authorities because they fear ridicule exclusion and punishment eg Milgrams study on punishment and learning with increasing voltsThe third factor was said to be that the bureaucracies are highly effective structures of authority Weber defined bureaucracy as a large impersonal organization comprising many clearly defined positions arranged in a hierarchy It has a permanent salaried staff of qualified experts and written goals rules and procedures Efficiency is a key part as it means to achieve the bureaucracys goals at the least costWhen it comes to social networks this term was defined as a bounded set of units individuals organizations countries etc linked by the exchange of materialemotional resources
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