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SOCI 1010
Jeff Landry

NAMEAPSOCI 1010Professor KenedyDATEReading Response 12 Sexuality and Gender4 Comment on Kimmel and Plantes arguments about sexualities what are their main points Compare what they say about Webers Freuds and Foucaults theoretical points regarding sexuality to the research of Kinsey as well as Gagnon and Simons research Also consider Katzs research on the history of the terms homosexuality and heterosexuality as well as the other research on sexual practices Kimmel and Plantes arguments about sexualities surrounded the meaning of sex itself and societys behavior towards sexualityIn this article of sexualities in the Society in Question sex was said to be both more and less than a biological drive to be the primary mechanism by which we constitute our identities in addition to only being a means of social interactionAccording to Max Weber sex was the greatest irrational force of life and externally inaccessible to any rational endeavor pg 153 Sex according to Weber and Freuds theoretical points was a primal urge and a redirection and sublimation of the basis of civilization According to Kinseys behavioral approach however homosexuality was a gender disorder a problem of inversion According to John Gagnon and William Simon sexual behavior was less about animal desires and more about shared social meanings and that those meanings were the material through which we built a sense of self They suggested that sexuality was socially constructed by cultures eras and institutions Freud on the other hand saw sexual activities as motives in art music political movements and literature whereas Gagnon and Simon argued that one could find political economic cultural even moral motives in sexual activities Sexual activity could t
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