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SOCI 1010
Jeff Landry

Social FactDurkheim 18581917First recognized sociologistSocial structuresHow were managedBalanced structures France has gone through various revolutions unstable bc they dont maintain equilibrium Scientific consistency factorsocial fact IndustrialDemocratic overthrow Menarche How decline of religion affected social structuresConsistency factorSocial fact 3 parts help integrate and regulate individuals in societyExternalto individual and regulate individualConstrainingintegrate individual Constrain people that could harm individual Ex Farting in publicSocial structure norms beliefs etcThus family externally integrate you and constrain youReligion may also integrate individual in societyCollective conscienceMoral factTotality of beliefs and sentiments Religious or secular anything outside of religionstate not governed by religionInfluences social structureSocial Structures and Social SolidarityVolume degree of sharing values rules and beliefs Based on collective consciousMennonitesHigh volumeSocietylower volume bc more diverseIntensity frequency of interactionMennonitesno technologyhigh interactionHigh IntensitySocietyLower interaction UrbanLow interaction RuralHigh interactionDeterminateness clarity of rules regulationsMennonitesHigh determinateness Have to follow all rules No question Clearly writtenSocietyLow determinateness Dont know all of the rules in all cultures More diverseContent how much religion in a society How much integration and regulationMennonitesHigh contentSocietyLow content Secular society Individual Forms of SolidarityLinks and Social bonds education family workFunction and social cohesionDivision of labourIndustrial RevolutionWent from Mechanical Solidarity Society to Organically Solidarity Society Durkheims comparison of levels of collective consciousMechanical Organized Societyagricultural religiousNot really past society because we still have societies like thisHigh beliefs content volume determinateness and intensityEx Mennonites Organically Organized SocietyIndustrial Society society todayMechanically Organized Society in terms of Volume Intensity Determinateness and ContentHigh level of integration beliefsvalues ex Mennonites Similar conceptions of realityLimited sense of individuality or autonomy have to follow rulesHomogenous Society same religion ethnic group language etcHigh Social cooperation church build houses together work together as a wholeReligion dominant high contentKinship is basis of social organization connections social status family tiesCustoms obligations sentimentsall basis of societyHandshake something written contract giving your word Follow through with itOrganically Organized Society differentiated activitiesHigh differentiation based on BODY bc all organs work together but are all differentWelldeveloped sense of individual differenceuniquenessSocial unity based on interdependence ie all organs are different but need each otherSpecialization We need doctors engineers etc in a society but all professions have different specializationsindependence Larger population spread over geographical areasie smaller population spread over larger geographical areasSystems of relations linked by social contract NOT SENTIMENTEverything needs to be written down as a contract words are not enoughPeople obtain place in society based on occupation not KinshipIncreased individual autonomy based on rights and freedom Steam made is possible to have industries Mechanicallow division of labour organicalhigh division of labour Industrial capitalismRise of all industriesLawsMechanical Solidarity Repressive laws Religiously basedan eye for an eyecan die for committing crimeOrganic SolidarityRestitutive laws Restitutioncrimepay for it Religion is removedAnomie disaster for Durkheim
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