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market development

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SOCI 2030
Eytan Lasry

SOCA01 Lecture 4 January 26, 2012  You can get money for a service, money for a product  Markets develop, market develops for products, services, labour, and land (bought and sold)  In traditional societies  Markets develops the commodities  Labour market develops  Labour market as following  if you have a shortage of skills, and there is shortage of those skills in the market, you can ask for more money  Organization of work gets changed  Employers pay for a set amount of work and employers determine how that work is done crux of the matter  Workers used to be independent but they lost control of the workplace because it became governed by standards of efficiency  Started along time ago with the collapse of feudalism and rise of factory production  So works used to be independent, had discretion, but as efficiency became more important, employers took over the workplace, and instructions given to workers, if you do it this way, it will be most efficient and most productive  When employers no longer need wage labour, employees are let go so old system, based on loyality disobeyed  The lords had to feed peasents in tough times  With growth in markets and transformation, that loyality disappears, government steps in later capitilaism  Divison of labour is narrowed, caused by efficiency  Used to do whole tasks, took a lot of skill, training, learning  Assembly line work  Sociologists call his narrow division labour  they call it work alienation  Work becomes repetitive, dull, and boring  So skilled work because unskilled or semi-skilled  The ideal of craftsmanship is lost  The idea of craftwork is lost  There is still craft occupation around  Skilled work all work used to be like that  In the profession  Not so much using the hands, etc.  Using the brain  The ideal craftsmanship is lost  Take a brief look at Canada’s industrialization, here in Canada it was behind England  Behind America  Industrialization began in the 1850s when Canda was still a colony  From 1800 to 1850 you can say Canada was premarket economy, most production took place in the family, household  And then it gradually shifted to the factory  And factories represented absolutely terrible working conditions  There were factory jobs in southern Ontario  The east cost industrialized first and was too far away from American markets  Doesn’t cost much to ship goods from Ontario America  So Industrialization took place first in central Canada, quebec as well  You got to put together transportation to develop industrialized society  You have to be able to move this stuff in bulk  In Canada we do the RAILWAY CPR finished 1885 SOCA01 Lecture 4 January 26, 2012  You can still see canal system  Peterborough canal system th  That canal system was put up in the early part of the 19 century  ---- missed some – sabby notes  early life skilled craft workesrs controlled their own work hired their own apprentices (someone who is trained by a craftsman) certify them, pass them, and set their pay levels  modern professions get their model of work today from craft workers  craft workers control the conditions of their work, train, pass or fail, pay their own recruits/apprentices  professional workers control the conditions of their work  if you pass the training courses they will pass or fail you  this model was borrowed from occupational control that craft workers used to have  it’s called craft guilds  craft organizations that used to control crafts
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