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drug relevency

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SOCI 2030
Eytan Lasry

-if come up w/ new drug you need to patent it, and for a certain period of time you won that product and no one else can sell it and you make the money -eventually they run out and don’t last forever -in 2001, they ran out of patent protection and they did not have an exclusive franchise on it -thus they came up w/ seraphin which is slightly different for this new disorder -thus can see why corporations have an interest in this expansion of labelling Everyone is an expert: -contributes to labelling as well -self-help literature grown rapidly over the years -faced w/ self help experts (on tv or mass media) -experts played a key role in the labelling of attention deficit disorder ADD -needed a drug to treat this disorder which is Ritalin -it was proscribed almost exclusively for hyperactive and inattentive boys in the classroom -it is controversial, by mid 90s doctors were writing 6 billion prescriptions a year for Ritalin -it’s an amphetamine type compound (ex. Speed, meth kind of like it) -children’s and adults with ADD (CHAD) 600 chapters a 30000? members worldwide -who makes it?  -on friendly terms w/ CHAD and has given them a large amount of money over the years -there is some evidence although highly controversial that people w/ ADD have problems absorbing glucose in the brain -some people have found what is vaguely called a chemical balance in the brain that regulates behaviour -if it a disorder or not is disputable -no physical evidence -problem w/ Ritalinwhen people are diagnosed they are not tested for brain chemistry or chemical imbalance, but its clinical and done on the basis of observation of behaviour -what they look for is inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity -these are the traits that all little boys have -clinical diagnosis is not the same as a biological test -this is why Toronto school want to make separate school for hyperactive boys -this means that many get diagnosed for reasons like boredom (sometimes really smart kids get bored) -sometimes can be due to the fact that children like to act out to get attention -sometimes children are just high spirited -thus Ritalin is given for a disorder that might not even exist -educational institutions like Ritalin b/c it gets rid of behaviour problems mainly from boys -achieve social control in the classroom Who likes this? educational institutions, pharmaceutical companies
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