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SOCI 2030
Tracy Supruniuk

Ethics  Extremely important to discuss research can do a lot of harm to people without the application of ethics  Tuskegee Syphilis 1932 - Research run of the US Public Health Services Study  longitudinal study over 40 years of poor African-Americans farmers that has syphilis - was told they were treated for bad blood  1947 the cure for syphilis was found however wasn`t given to those that were affected, instead researchers wanted to see the long term effects of this disease  By early 70`s the story leaked out but it was too late, too many people have already died and families were already all affected  1997, 25 years later, the US government finally apologize for the wrong conduct of this research McGill University - Brain washing experiments for the army, gave patients LSD and gave them  Allen Memorial electroshock treatment/treatment Institute - was sleep deprived and total sensory deprivation, others kept under drug induced comas  Was part of a larger program - MK-ULTRA - also used in US prisons and brothels and this experiment was done without patients knowledge Laud Humphries -  Meet up at random places to be a "watch-queen" for random men to Tea Room Trade engage in sex in public places (cruising) Study  In the 1960's - watched in parks, washrooms etc, while watching took down license plates of those who participated  Was an observational study and months later posed as health officer to gather more information about the individuals  Many of these men were married and gave no permission to participate in this study - was danger to police especially during this homophobic time Stanley Milgram  Yale University - shock learner/teacher experiment Obedience St
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