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SOCI 2030
Tracy Supruniuk

May 10, 2012 -Settling debates is more difficult than starting them -Issues around crime are not simple to make conclusions -Crime statistics are highly unreliable (because a lot of crime go unreported & some crimes are more focused on) How do we determine who is correct? - We use knowledge HOWEVER knowledge is not always correct. Humans create it and it comes from the social world. Knowledge is a product of social processes. - “Common knowledge/common sense” – what we accept as common knowledge does not prove to be the knowledge in the future. - Some forms of knowledge are produced and reproduced sometimes through a system of authority. - Knowledge is always imbedded within a system of politics. Knowledge around sex & sexuality - Studies of sex are one of the knowledge that government controls by cutting funds etc – some knowledge they don’t want it to be out there - Huge relationship between knowledge and power How do we know if knowledge is adequate? – Look to authority, however relying on authority brings the question of selection. Why this person? Two different types of authority 1) Authority based on position 2) Authority based because of knowledge Who do we believe when people have different opposing views? - Look into the research of the person (we need to understand the research processes) Five Basic Questions 1) Has the authority chosen the appropriate research method? 2) Have they conducted all stages of the research properly/correctly? 3) Does the research address the relevant aspects of the question? 4) Have they made a valid interpretation of their research findings? 5) What are the limitations of their research? - Conducting research myself to see if a research is adequate is another good way Theory in re
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