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SOCI 2030. Lecture # 1 - The Role of Social Research. Sept 12, 2013

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SOCI 2030
Fred Diamond

Thursday, September 19, 2013 Lecture # 1 – The Role of Social Research SOCI 2030 – Research Methods Fred Diamond - Things are not always as they seem at face value. Being mislead by or misinterpreting information is quite common. A more in depth look in regards of a subject matter is usually needed. - Bias and misinterpretation of data can lead to very skewed numbers. Numbers are rarely ever absolute. - Conformity is a powerful tool. A person is far more likely to go with the opinion that is widely accepted by the rest of a group. (more effective by how large the group is and if they have any authority over the individual). Wolfer: The Role of Research: Avenues of Knowledge: - Tradition (How you have been brought up, what you have heard from others. Ex. Chicken soup for colds). - Experience (How you have dealt with similar situations in the past and using that knowledge you have gained). - Authority - Scientific Knowledge Uses and Purposes of Social Research: - Exploration:  Answering questions is much needed feedback.  Helps the researcher generate new information and form new hypothesis
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