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SOCI 2030. Lecture # 2 - The Research - Theroy Link. Sept 26, 2013

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York University
SOCI 2030
Fred Diamond

Thursday, September 26, 2013 Lecture # 2 – Theory Link SOCI 2030 – Research Methods Fred Diamond Social Theory & Ideology – Some Differences: Theory: Ideology: Theory seeks to find the reasons behind the Ideology focuses on obvious reasons reasons Theories are conditional (Can change based Ideological explanations tend to be fixed on social conditions, time, space, etc.) Rigorously tested Avoid tests Explanations complex and multi-factored Explanations more simplistic-fewer factors Views more flexible Views more rigid Mex Weber’s Ideal Type of Bureaucracy: - Bureaucracy is a continuous organization governed by a system of rules. - Conduct is governed by detached, impersonal rules. - There is division of labour in which different offices are assigned different spheres of competence. - Hierarchical authority relations prevail; that is, lower offices are under control of higher ones. - Administrative actions, roles, and so on are in writing and maintained in files. - Individuals do not own and cannot buy or sell their offices. - Officials receive salaries….. Theories can be Classifi
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