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2040A SU 2012 Essay Topics in Sociological Theory.doc

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SOCI 2040
Charles Battershill

1APSOCI 2040A SU 2012 Essay Topics in Sociological Theory This document augments actual writing instructions appended to the course syllabus and should be discussed in tutorial if not in lecture Basic Research Techniquego to the Librarys website through your Passport York Account Go to eResources for a search in actual sociological journals To search for journal articles input an author or experts name plus keyword in your possible subject area An important keywordis Review to guide searches for experts views on an important book or set of work by a significant author Ensure that submitted essays havenumbered pagesNote that topics deriving from first term regarding Marx Durkheim Weber and psychoanalysis are suitable But be sure to discuss before hand with your TA The latter part of this course deals with the major questions such as Why No Revolution why Nazism why Religious Fundamentalism why Consumerism why fragmented consciousness and a culture of images The NonMarxist formulation of the same Question remains How is Society Possible Hence we look at social classes and culture industries power discourse knowledge and professionalism as articulated by Symbolic Interaction Structural Functionalism PostModernism as well as Conflict approaches from Feminism Black Theory and branches of NeoMarxist theoryI Contemporary Capitalism oMultiNational Corporate Nike Shell McDonalds oInvestmentFinance as most powerful type of capitalist todayoWorld Bank and International Monetary FundoLawsuits against MNCs McDonalds and Big TobaccothstII 20 and 21 century CultureoAnalysis of Film Industry and Capitalist Culture Critical Theory versus HollywoodoConflict Analysis of Spectacles in Popular Culture such as Oscar Ceremonies Olympics Tour de France Superbowl Apply concept of hegemony
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