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Lecture 12

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SOCI 2040
Charles Battershill

Lecture 12IA emerging final exam question sociological legacy of Freud the study of consciousness beganoffers insight into our therapeutic societymedicalization 1970 to nowEGO diagram in the coursekitIB Essay Topics follow themes of winter term Goffmanic embarrassment as key to compellingness of reality tv genre abusing the ritual protection of sacred selfII Parsons BiographyRise and Fall of SFA synthesizer and systematizer some creative geniusIII Americanizing European Theory jettison class conflictSSA indicates synthesizing macro social facts w micro social action Attempt to overcome dichotomyIV Parsonizing Freud linking personalityculture via notion of action system diagrams proportionsV Pattern Variables idealtypic elements of role evolution into modernity bridged micro Weber and macro Durkheim w Freudian role cathexissociabilitypeople related or interested in one another Just to talk not necessari
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