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Lecture 13

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SOCI 2040
Charles Battershill

Lecture 13rdReorg drop FunctionsInformation Society buttopics in 3 phase of IRBack on track July 4 Chicago School July 9 MicroSociologyReminder this course most intellectual of all in Sociology most difficult for major But more choice for 20 Final Exam1 Essay Best Topics at end of course look aheadth2 Finish Parsons the Giant of 20 Century Only one who matched status of MDWSick Role model of being social control gatekeeper doctor does not oppressoSickness has moral propertiesDoctor wants you to follow what she says so you get better and arent harming anyone else or yourselfIf you dont listen youre making yourself and others sickoUnprecedented pressure to be rational is pathogenicMore pressure demands and consciousness needed if youre commuting in bad wea
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