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Lecture 17

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York University
SOCI 2040
Charles Battershill

Lecture 17exam Uses of Freud explains personality is socialized for social stability cultural objects are planted in the super ego1A Marcuses four FreudoMarxist concepts diagram functional for society functional for debt is manageable that expensive car is putting you in debt but you dont care you love it realistically give up the car out of debt Confessions of a shopaholic she doesnt understand why she is in debtCall of Duty video games live in a world of commodified violence started with Hugh HefnerPlayboy magazines getting a magazine the interest was high up there but end of the month would go down a new one then back upendless cycle making yourselves a market when you do things like FB as its collecting data about you to better advertise for you according to your needs1 Introjection2 Surplus Repression3 Repressive Desublimation advertisement of woman selling condos but major word is condom that is visible th4 Thanatosbased critique of Capitalism goes back to 5 dimension of alienation1B complete exposition of Critical TheorythII 20 Century Marxis
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