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Lecture 19

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SOCI 2040
Charles Battershill

Lecture19Garner 402 GoffmanFoucault Grandsons of DurkheimP 405 a discursive formation is a set of round holes into which the unpredictable multishaped pegs of human experience are crammed The round holes define what is normal and deviant these terms have to intrinsic meaningP 407 power is exercised in the context of expertise and scientific knowledge The gaze is always a detached affectively neutral scientific gazeP 409 Foucault radicalized social constructionismP 416 on Panopticon He who is subjected to a field of visibilityassumes responsibilityhe inscribes in himself the power relations p 421 a design of subtle coercion for a society to comeFoucaultP 35 original What is peculiar to modern societies in fact is not that consigned sex to a shadow existence but that they dedicated themselves to speaking of it ad infinitim while exploiting it as the secretP 49 original We mustabandon the hypothesis that modern industrial societies ushered
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