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SOCI 2040
Charles Battershill

Social Order and Organisation 1 Lecture 8 Context continued Lecture 8 The language and Grammar of Social Order and Social Organisation Context continuedRECAPLast lecture we discussed C Wright Mills sociological imagination as a quality of mind that links the lived experiences of individuals to the contexts in which they act Part I Sociological Imagination in the postmodern or hypermodern contextth1 Mills sociological imagination applies to the late 20 and early st21 century 2 Dandaneau introduces the concept of post modernism a Modernism in the context of social theory b Modernist thinking is reflected in Mills language applying reason to human affairs But Mills challenges the idea that science and technology are leading us into a better social world c Postmodernism challenges modernist assumptions about inevitable progress 3 Mills concept of the over developed societyaWestern societies like our own have overdeveloped their capacity to satisfy needs b Technologically and scientifically advanced western world has developed means of creatingneeds that it then develops means of satisfying
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