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SOCI 2040
Charles Battershill

Soci2070 Section B 1 Lecture 9Social Action and Social Actors Lecture 9 Social Action and Social Actors Part I MAX WEBER AND SOCIAL ACTION1 Human actions become social when they are oriented to otherAction is social insofar as it takes account of the behaviour of others and is thereby oriented in its course In the reading kit from Sociology and Science in Weber Max Sociological Writings p 2282 An action is a social action according to Weber when it has meaning both to the initiators of the action and to those who receive it Part II The Social Actor as a meaning maker1 Social actors is the term we sociologists give to human beings as members of social worlds 2 What does it mean in sociological terms for human beings todo their thing a Sociologists reject human nature as an answer because human nature can be understood as many things b Sociologists also do not accept that human beings doing their thing can be explained in terms of an essential or innate human characteristic such as greed or selfinterest or aggressivenesscThese kinds of answers do not take into account the fact that human beings are social beingsSociologists tend to view greediness or competitiveness or selfinterestedness as arising from human beings sociability or social inclinations
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