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SOCI 2040
Charles Battershill

LECTURE 11 Soc 207006 20122013 1 Lecture 11 Everyday life Its place in sociological inquiry Rita Felski The Invention of Everyday Life Habit Susie Scott Making Sense of Everyday Life Anthony Giddens Social Interaction and Everyday Life Weber saysthe world could be almost anything it is infinite in its possibilities but human beings ensure that it is always something and thus produce its stability by defining it and thus exercising control over it So by defining a situation an actor generates his or her own possibilities and by so defining that same actor is also exercising control and creating and reproducing the social conditions of control in interaction with other actors From Chris Jenks Active Passive in Core Sociological Concepts 1998 p 268 INTROReview Ideas from first termLast term we spent the last seven sessions on the language and grammar of social order and social organization Ask members of the class to name some of the languageThe main concepts A context social actors as meaning makers social action as oriented the social self social institutionsOther important concepts we collected along the way social interaction intersubjective reality shared understandings tacit knowledge theworldtakenforgranted etc WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED ABOUT THESE CONCEPTS
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