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SOCI 3430
Hyun Ok Park

SOCI 3430 Exam Review notesConceptualizing settler colonialismimperialism With a focus on aboriginalnonaboriginal relations in the Canadian context TuhiwaiSmith Resistance to the idea that the post in postcolonial would indicate the end of actual colonialism Cluster 1Critique of HistoryMaps figure centrally in how we get socialized into geopolitical constructs while we live and experience place differently maps construct an objectified spaceMapsmapping play a pivotal role for the national belonging perceiving ourselves as part of a territorially bounded community of the nationMapsmapping depend on a technology of production this process is often linked to exercises the authority to produce and use such mapsMaps shape the political terrain inasmuch as they claim to represent it However Mapsmapping can also be contested on various levels Notion of DecolonizationIt is a body of texts that contest the ways the West has written the history of modernity and civilizationWe find authors who often emerge from postcolonial countries and academic institutions that have emerged in colonial contextsAn overall interest in pluralizing the event of colonialism while demonstrating both the violent underpinnings and the contextspecific rules of practice that make the event unevenAn attempt to open up new archives outside of official historical texts eg vernacular stories myths popular culture autobiographiesAn attempt to show the continuous effect of colonial discourses on contemporary politics and social relations ImperialismAs economic expansionAs the subjugation of others the colonized population are underneath you Britain is inferiorAs an idea of spirit with many forms of realization imperialism uses methods moral beliefs and ideologies to brainwash the colonized countryAs a discursive field of knowledge intellectual mentality gain of knowledge through experience in the colonized community discursive representation of the others the colonized produced internallyHaigBrownAboriginal education
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