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Lecture 8

SOCI 3630 Lecture 8

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SOCI 3630
Alireza Asgharzadeh

AP/SOCI 3630 6.0A The Sociology of Education October 23, 2013 TUTORIAL: Analytic Commentary: Compare and contrast two articles from two different weeks, by analyzing and including other scholarly articles. (Other articles, themes, authors) Due November 6 worth: 15 marks; Length: 8 pgs double spaces apa format 2000 words, cover page, references Components: -select two articles from the course readings, -identify the common theme you wish to explore in comparing the articles, -Provide a concise summary of the selected articles, -Provide an analytic discussion of the articles with regard to the identified theme, -Concluding remarks, -List of references Postmodernism, Postcolonialism, and Education POSTMODERNISM - A term applied to a wide-ranging set of developments in contemporary critical theory, philosophy, architecture, art, literature, culture, etc. - Postmodernism has emerged as an area of academic study since the mid 1980s. - Seeks to critique the Enlightenment and modernism. - Offers a critique of Grand/Meta Narratives (Lyotard) - Favours Mini Narratives - Favours Plurality, Difference, and multi-narratives - And multiagentivism (multi agency) - Offers a Critique of totality, universal reason, and foundationalism - Rejects notions of absolute essences and essentialism - Offers a critique of metaphysics and meta physical thinking - Offers a critique of border cultures - Offers a new understanding of the self Postmodern Education - Education is not value-free - Promotes diversity - Emphasizes importance of self-esteem - The concept of constructivism - Emphasized the necessity of connecting theory with practice - Sees modernist though as Eurocentric and patriarchal - Sees a relationship between all social/[political discourses and relations of power/domination - Highlight the importance of working through the differences - Calls for more qualitative, narrative, and autobiographical approaches to research - Favors a student centered classroom - Definitions   Characteristics IMPLICATIONS FOR EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH - The use of multiple frames of reference and units of analysis - The importance of multidisciplinarity, interdisciplinarity, and transdisciplinarity SOME LIMITATIONS/SHORTCOMINGS - Inaccessibility of language - Poverty of empirical research - Failure in connecting theory to practice Postcolonial Studies & Education - Examines interactions between European nations and the societies they colonized in the last century. - Deals with impact of colonization on postcolonial history, economy, science, culture, the cultural productions of colonized societies, as well as constructions of gender, sexuality, etc
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