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York University
SOCI 3630
Alireza Asgharzadeh

Disability March 24, 2014 Outline * 1. Defining and Understanding Disability * 2. Children with disability * 3. Parents with disability 1. Defining and Understanding Disability * There is no agreed upon way of defining disability * Common definition: Restriction or lack of ability to perform an activity in a way considered “normal” (Oliver, 2004) * Some distinguish between visible and invisible disability – only makes sense if you are not visually impaired - How society is not constructed to support disability, thus, disability is defined as the lack of support for disabled people - Environmental structures are not constructed to support abled bodies * Disabilities can be permanent, temporary, relapsing * Can be connected to chronic illness or not * Can range from parapalegia, absence of or broken limbs, medical conditions, etc. * Biomedical model: the problem is with the individual; disability is an individual condition or pathology * Versus * Social Model of Disability: society and specifically the social environment is disabled, not people * Our ideas about disability and expectations of disabled persons are socially constructed * Social structures and external obstacles are disabling * Owen (2014) argues that disabled persons and their families experience a lack of support and therefore are marginalized - Owen advocated for a social model of disability- people themselves are not disabled, the social environment is disabled. We do not have physical structures in place that permit all bodies to go about our daily lives. • We don’t have strongest recognition of these invisible disabilities 2. Children with disabilities * The experience of disability increases for girls and bo
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