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Lecture 5

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SOCI 3645

Sociology of Health and Illness Lecture 5 Tahreem Mahthod October 8 , 2013 Contextualizing Risk Factors  One of the ways to study the influences of social conditions on health o Identify the proximate – immediate cause of disease o The prevalence of HIV AIDS is higher in neighbourhoods that are poor  Poverty increases the risk of all sorts of diseases  Multiple sexual partners: culture of the population o Prevalence of drug addiction in the country  Risk of population having HIV AIDS contact will be higher o Culture and norms prevent people from using their own needles when getting medicated  In Bellerose if a boyfriend or girlfriend uses a needle you are more likely to use the same needle instead of getting your own  Also drinking while taking heroine is common The Social Determinants of Health Social Structure and Health/illness The Social Determinants of Individual chances to be healthy or ill  Material resources: o Income o Housing o Food o Residential location o Clean water, air, home, working environment o Access to drugs, immunization, medical screening, early intervention  Lifestyle o Bad habits (smoking, drin
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