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SOCI 3660
Alireza Asgharzadeh

Lesbian, Gay, and Transgendered Families January 13, 2014 Outline * 1. Background * 2. Creating Families * 3. Parenting Practices * 4. Problematic Assumptions  - Transsexual -> Persons who may go to reconstructive surgery to change their biological sex to conform with their gender identity are more often known as transsexuals - Transgender- > their gender identity differs from the body they were born with. They can have a variety of sexual orientations. It does not imply lesbians, straight, queer. - Mitchell is one of the only authors who resist these heteranormative ideologies. 1. Background * 1960s+: gay liberation movement - Stonewall- Riot/social movement regarding queer rights. * In 1969 in Canada, homosexual relations were no longer considered criminal * Since 2005, same­sex marriages have been legal * in sociology of the family, research does suffer from a heterosexist bias 2. Creating Families For lesbian women, choices about mothering are connected to (Ben Ari and Levini 2006): * Childhood socialization matters to “coming out” and making decisions about family life * Lesbian and gay couples form in many of the same ways as straight couples  * Gay and lesbian couples may create families through “fictive kin” or chosen family members  * Decisions to parent are influenced by similar factors as those experienced by straight individuals and  different ones too… Question:  What are some challenges that a same­sex couple might face in deciding to have a child?  ForSchacher et al., 2005):bout fathering are connected to (Armesto and Shapiro, 2011; * Negotiating their conflicting identities as gay men and fathers  * Their ability to confront dominant biases about family life * Their capacity to deal with double discrimination -Because they are gay, because they are gay dads * Working through their privileges associated with being male breadwinners Routes to Parenthood * Surrogacy * Adoption * AI * Known donor * Previous relationships * Etc. 3. Parenting Practices * Deciding to parent and the “hows” of parenting are especially  influenced by institutionalized  heterosexuality… challenges can materialize for same­sex couples * Intergenerational ambivalence across generations towards same­sex couples and their children * Race and ethnicity, religion, and parental education structure other family members’ reactions or  rejections  - Parenting of gay individuals is tied up with how they connect to their parents generations. - This means, my parents generation had diff ideas than mine, was not as open, this reluctance of seeing the new parenting pracists is because it is different (generartion gap). - Generation matters. Challenges for Lesbian Mothers  (Dunne, 2009): * Why mother? - For the same reasons why straight women want to mother. * The implications of raising children in wider society * Childbirth decisions - If either of the women are capable of conceiving, they have to talk about who will. * The naming of mothers - Who is going to be called mom/dad/mom 2. * Achieving shared parenting - Lesbian mom’s talk about how they will achieve this financially. * Father involvement - Decide if they father will be involved (anonymous sperm donor, involvement. * Plans for union dissolution  - What happens to the children if the parents break up/divorce etc. * Establishing extensive kin networks - Working through ideas of families of choice, choose who is going to be part of the children families. Adoptive Gay Fathers (Armesto and Shapiro, 2011) The act of adopting and fathering as a gay man means:  * Realizing fathering is real, is h
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