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Lecture 2

SOCI 3810 Lecture 2: Lecture 2- Counting Crime

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York University
SOCI 3810
Carmela Murdocca

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016 Lecture 3 Counting Crime Moral regulation is a form of governance, requires knowledge on that group of people that is being governed, statistics are needed in order to know how to govern these groups How much crime is there in Canada? Police reported that crime is up in most provinces and territories Crime severity index increases Rate of cannabis and cocaine offences decreased; other drugs increased Crime rate, crime severity index increases, total volume of crime and the crime severity index indicates the severity of the crime, sources of crime statistics Fewer youths were accused in 2015 Spatialization of crime is a concern Crime statistics do not measure criminal behaviour; they measure the response of various agencies to their perception of crime We will never get an accurate result of the rate of crime. Sources of information and knowledge about crime: 1. Direct experience of crime 2. Mediated experience media sense of the word 3. Ofcial informationstatistics, etc.. Research knowledge Factors which may inuence changes in the crime rate: Crime rates are reportsensitive: the willin
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