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Lecture 14

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York University
SOCI 3820
Eric Mykhalovskiy

Lecture 13 – Physicians and Health Care ***-*** = on the exam Review  Medicare in order for provinces to get money from the federal government they are not allowed to charge the population for things that are covered under the universal insurance.  Sociological Analysis of Medical Profession  Trait theories  Process theories  Power theories Key concepts  Welfare states  Privatization  Gatekeepers  Feminization  Professionalism Medicare  What is Medicare? It is a government funded health insurance plan. It publicly funded system.  Medicare is funded through pooling public funds and redistributing it when it is required for an individual to access medical care.  Things that are covered under the are things that are deemed medically necessary.  Medicare has increased physicians salaries but at the same time they lost control of the services they provide. o When health care is made accessible our health care cost will increase. Physicians and Health Care  Debates about the privatization of health care is debates about the welfare state.  Welfare state what kind of things apart of the welfare state: public housing, educational system, Medicare,  Support for another way to organize society Physicians and Health Care 2  Debates about healthcare is about whether it we should treat healthcare like that way we buy a car or is healthcare a citizenship right.  Two examples of privatization:  General cut through hospital budget when you have these kinds of cut, you will have less nurses providing care to a sick patient, which could lead to longer wait times, accidental death, decline quality of care, nurses might get burnt out, o The expectation that the patients family will take on the burden of care of that patient o Shorter length of stay transfer of care to the patient’s family.  Through the changes in the services that are deemed medically necessary; delisting. o The government routinely makes announcement of delisting services deemed medically necessary. o Campaign life coalition: they wanted the provincial government to delist abortion as a medical necessary services. o Circumcision of newborn babies is no longer available. If you want to get circumcised you have to pay $900. Physicians and Health care 3  Sociologist are asking how do we have a healthcare system that is dominated by physicians.  Medical error:  The main point is the Macro emphasis on how physicians are located on the healthcare system. o Physicians control and limit the practice of nurses. o Physicians are gatekeepers of referrals o If you want medication you need to get a prescription o Gate keeping control various aspects of the medical care. o The profession it self in internally specialized and there is a hierarchy in part of the body o The growing femi
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