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SOCI 3820 (21)

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SOCI 3820
Eric Mykhalovskiy

Key Concepts  Medico-Legal Borderland o Hybrid Subjects  Public Health  Harm Reduction  Moral model (criminal Law)  Disease model Hybrid Subjects  Combining two different things to make something out if it. o E.g. medical-legal hybrid it is illegal for people not to disclose their HIV/AIDS status to their partners  The media construction of mental ill individual being dangerous. Public Health  Public health operates as a power and encourages us to align out conduct to the risk information.  There are unintended consequence to these kind of promotions  What is public health o It is it the same as the publicly funded health care. o Public health was established many years before Medicare was. Has a longer history o When we are talking about public health we aren’t talking about personal healthcare but rather health as a collective, the health of the community how to promote the health and protect that health  Historical examples of public health: o Efforts to control sanitary o Efforts to control outbreaks of disease. Dates back to the 1400s and dates back to the Florentine procedures o Controlling over crowding o Improving the housing and int
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