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SOCI 3820
Eric Mykhalovskiy

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Medicalization  Knowing the meaning of rule and its agreed upon among the people living in the community The concept of medicalization  Peter Conrad A process where by non medical problems become defined as medical problems o Who doing the defining but we don’t know because the definition does tell us o The medical professional is no longer the only ones to contribute to this definition; its also the pharmaceutical companies,  Its not something that is define but treated a medical problem  Examples o Addiction because it was considered to be amoral but now its considered as a chemical imbalance in the brain o Reproduction and women’s healththis is now viewed as a medical problem Medicalization – Background  The term medicalization isn’t a neutral term but used as a form of medical control in out day-to-day life.  Associated with the concern that normal human variations are less tolerable and more aspects of our life’s become in the need of medical attention  Deviance medicalization is associ
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