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Lecture 15

Lecture 15 Harm Reduction.ppt

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SOCI 3820
Eric Mykhalovskiy

Sociology 3820 Eric Mykhalovskiy, Ph.D. Lecture #15 Public Health, the Medico-legal Borderland and Harm Reduction Key Concepts  Medico Legal Borderland  Hybrid health/crime subjects  Public Health  Harm Reduction Objectives of this lecture  To provide an overview of the concept of the medico-legal borderland and its application to sociological research on harm reduction  To provide an orientation to the key principles and functions of public health  To provide an overview of harm reduction philosophy and services, focusing on illicit drug use. The Medico-Legal Borderland  criminal law intersect with crime and  What is a borderland?  as artificially constructed, as blurred. sites of conflict,  crime subjectsedico-legal identities, hybrid health- The Medico-Legal Borderland  Some examples:  DNA/forensic evidence in courts  The “crime lab”  Concept of criminally insane  The mentally ill as criminally dangerous  responding to complex social behaviours e.g. sex work, drug use, HIV non-disclosure Public Health  Public health vs. publicly funded health care  than curative means.s through preventative rather  Some common public health activities  programs, tobacco prevention, childhood nutrition Public Health  The institutional apparatus of public health Promotion Acth Protection and 30 Local Public Health Agencies Key responsibilities and coercive powers under the Act Harm Reduction  Harm reduction vs. moral (criminal justice) and disease (medicalizing) models of responding to illicit drug use and users  Moral/criminal justice approach  Drug use treated as a crime, drug users as criminals  War on drugs  Focuses attention on moral failings of individuals who are treated as criminals deserving punishment  Total abstinence and drug free society is the goal  Critiques of this approach  Racializing consequences of war on drugs  Mass incarceration of African-American men
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