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Lecture 9

SOCI 2040 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Social Integration, Macrosociology, Social Change

Course Code
SOCI 2040
Fuyuki Kurasawa

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Week 8 Gilman and Women's Condition
1. Condition
2. The Yellow Wallpaper
3. Women and Economics
Women and Economics
1. Gender inequality not natural or biological, but socially constructed
Gender inequality is something that is rooted in nature or biology (common sense from
other people)
They are unequal to men.
2. Socialization: learned behaviour acquired through social processes and institutions
Gender inequality is created by social institutions, in other words, the reason women are
perceived are unequal, is due to nurture not nature.
Act and think, the gender you are. Must be different depending on your gender
3. Gender differences not based on needs or capabilities, but rather:
A desire to maintain conventional gender roles in society
The favouring of masculine traits over feminine ones
2. Gendered Division of labour in marriage
a) Exploitation
Labour that is unpaid
Women are "servants"
b) Injustice
c) Dependence
d) Domestic submission
3. Women's situation
a) No self-development
b) Power through sexual attraction
c) Human species as exception
Keywords (Next Week)
Simmel and Modern Culture
1. Fashion
a) Newness
b) Difference vs sameness
2. Modern city: forms of interaction and attitudes
Week 9 Simmel and Social Interaction
1. Introduction
2. Visions of sociology
3. Forms of sociation
a) Sociability
b) Conflict
Visions of sociology
1. Micro Sociology: focus on small-scale interactions in everyday life (vs. macro-sociology)
2. Society: web of social interactions between individuals
3. Forms of sociation
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