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Lecture 16

SOCI 2040 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Feminist Sociology

Course Code
SOCI 2040
Fuyuki Kurasawa

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Keywords for next week
Smith and Feminist sociology
1. Feminist sociology vs. mainstream
Week 16 Foucault and Self-Regulation
1. History of imprisonment in the modern age
2. The principles of the panopticon
3. Purpose: social control through self-regulation
History of imprisonment in the modern age
1. Shift: from physical punishment to normalization (through surveillance and self
2. Humanist reforms of prisons (19th century:
a) More humane treatment of prisoners
b) But also more efficient form of social control
3. Shift: from the dungeon to the panopticon
Principles of the Panopticon
1. Total visibility (and unverfiability)
2. Individualizing form of regulation
3. Generalized model (for other social institutions)
Purpose: social control through self regulation
1. Socialization -> social control through self-regulation
2. Self-regulation: process of persons regulating their own behaviour without the need of
external mechanisms of social control (coercion, surveillance, and etc)
3. How? -> training of each individual
a) Target body, mind, and soul (internalization)
b) Control, evaluate, and change his or her behaviour in relation to 'normal' ways of
acting and thinking
1. Self-regulation: most effective form of social control
a) 'automatic' functioning of power' without it being exercised
b) Produce docile and obedient persons
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