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Lecture 3

SOCI 2040 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Thanksgiving, Class Conflict, Protestant Work Ethic

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SOCI 2040
Fuyuki Kurasawa

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Lecture 3- 2040 09/30/2015
Protestant ethic : calling, asceticism and rationality
Relationship to capitalism (‘spirit of capitalism’) what is called <-
How and what is ?
Marx: The Critique of Capitalism
1. Alienation
2. History as class struggle
3. from capitalism to communism
what happens prior to alienation? Labour as expression of human
Marxs argument is whom we are as human beings is based on
The idea of that, makes us human and fundamentally human
Each one of us has a potential within us but its asleep and not
When we labour we develop that potential, our skills and
Labour is a form creativity , self-expression
oExample; little kids making thankgiving gifts for parents
The kids invest themselves and time by doing such
Mental ability and physical - That’s what marx is
speaking about, often to do something with other.
Labour is supposed to be for Marx
Huge problem under capitalism
oWhat happens under capitalism is that the very thing that
makes us human, ie. Labour become alien to us. Aka, strange
to us. No longer recognize
Capitalism Violates our human nature
What capitalism does? Forces workers to sell their labour powers,
their bourgeoisie
oThe thing you believe love doing, needs to be sold to
someone else because you need to survive

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oSomething that was kept for you, has to be gone
oMarx said that the things that makes us who we are,
This is what capitalism does, the things we should love and be
excited for, makes us hate it -> jobs
oThat’s not the way society should work
Labour is not the only way to express yourself but one of the major
Forms of Alienation
From product of labour
oYou make many things but nothing is yours
From act of production
oWorker seems to be a kind of cog in a machine
oYoure a very small hole of everything, not have skills that are
valuable can be replaced
From human nature (species-being)
oWhat makes us as a human being is alien to us
oNo longer know who we are as human beings
From other human beings
Everything becomes a transaction
4. Effects
labour becomes alien and hostile
oturning against us
olooses his or her humanity
obecoming a thing and not a person
oexistence means nothing to the owners of the means of
History as class struggle
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