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Lecture 6

SOSC 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Bourgeoisie, Mercantilism, Proletariat

Social Science
Course Code
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

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SOSC 1000 10.23.15
Chapter 1
o As a system
Way of ordering life economically
o As a logic
Informs society/social life/culture
o Traditional societies !Kung, the way societies are driven by
o Modern societies driven by command/coercion/enforcement
o Dominance of capitalism supported by self-interest, organized
by the market
o Market the highway/infrastructure that gets us around, the
way the system is organized (pg. 18 + chapter 2)
o Waves of innovation, railways, steamship, mass production of
steel, electricity, assembly line, automobiles, that drives the
Chapter 2
o Capitalism as a social order
Reorganizes communities based on labor structure,
geography, the way countries, cities are laid out/planned
Wages expendable income, mass production leads to
mass consumption; we want the stuff, driven to
accumulate fed by mass advertising, marketing
o Elements of wealth and capital
Wealth vs. capital
Wealth is inextricably linked with inequality
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