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SOSC 1000 Lecture Notes - Underemployment, Nairu

Social Science
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SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

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IV-Work & Class
1. What is Work?
Gilbert> there was no greater modern illusion than the use of the single
term of work to cover for somewhat is dreary, painful and
socially demeaning and for what others is enjoyable, and
economically rewarding
More fortunate suppressing notion that they are favored class
Work has profound impact on those who perform it, adults
spend 1/3 of per day on job and it penetrate the very core of
their personality
Cannot help but spill over on the nominal spheres of life
Russel- There are only two kinds of work
1) altering the position of matter
2) telling others to do stuff
Adam Smith- an activity requiring the worker to gave up his
tranquility, freedom and happiness in order to
Anderson- work is the continuous employment of production
of goods and services for enumeration
- work is restricted to work for pay (everything else
is labor
Reinhart-any activity that entails the provision of goods and
services for others
- Recognizes importance of unpaid work
- Occupation determines community standing
- Unemployment contributes to the breakdowns of relationships
- Work is essential to who we are, to what we are, whether they are good
or bad
- The nature of work changed dramatically during our life
2. Alienation and Class
Karl Marx
[Life begins when work ends]
Derives from three sources and four
Sources of Alienation
1) Results from increasing concentration of ownership of the
means of production (society is divided by those who own and
those who are forced to labor)
- Fewer sources of means of production [Monopoly occurs]
2) Division of Labor
- Unlocked key to maximizing productivity [Smith]
3) Development of Markets (in land, labor and commodities)
- Labor market non-existent before Industrial Revolution
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