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2 Feb 2013
Globalization and International Migration Flows – continuation from two weeks ago
Incorporate many regions into the global economy, neoliberalism had led to
wealth, but also displacement and losses to many
Global economy is linking us and giving us a sense of one world
Neoliberalism pushes towards a borderless world (open the border)
“Assault on freedom of movement” as movement is restricted
Global apartheid
Global apartheid analogy of south Africa system of racial separation
Open system for racial separation
Had a system for white and a system for blacks, but they are linked by the
migratory system. Black population would work at the mines and retreat back to
their home
Blacks have a pass law, which gives them permission to travel (they would be
regularly stopped to see if they have a pass)
Did this so blacks could do labour
Apartheid against the law according to United Nations since 1977
Canada’s Response to Global Apartheid
Developing an immigration framework that focuses on 3 three areas
oEconomic efficiency
Commodification of labour
Recruitment of highly skilled
Recruitment of guest workers
Recruitment of investors and entrepreneurs
oIndividual Self-Sufficiency
Come if you can support yourself, gov’t will not look after you
Need women from third world countries to work so they can send remittances
back to their family
SWAP Canada agricultural worker, 1966, where business is seeking flexibility
and appliances for their growth, used by 9 provinces
These guest workers are suitable for agricultural work
Their mobility is restricted, only allowed to work for one employer
Vulnerability, they don’t refuse overtime or overwork, very hard to seek right to
contract as it is not enforced enough
Families are excluded from program, depend on remittances
Captive Labour – due to certain factors, cannot quit (must provide remittances,
mobility restricted, feel obligated to employer)
Agricultural sector least regulated workforce
Film – The Elcontrato
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