SOSC 1130 Lecture Notes - Dominion Lands Act, Chain Migration, Indian Act

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2 Feb 2013
Welcoming: Migrants to the Promised Land: Who’s Land? The Settler State and First
Nations People
Great transformation in Europe change Europe as well as rest of the world
Migration of Europeans to new lands came with violence
Europeans took land they saw as empty, little respect for inhabitants of land
No revolution, rebellion, or war of independence in Canada
Canada land of negotiations and discussion
Promises were not kept to first nations people
People with more power set agenda, developed rules, defined what is and what is
Decide on the interpretation of the events that would prevail as history, i.e.
recorded history
Interpretations become official stories
Policies kept first nations people from succeeding
Early Migration to Canada: Waves of Settlers
Portuguese and Italian settlers arrive in 16th century
Pillage and plunder of the new world, exploring territory
First significant wave of settlers were the French, 17th and 18th century
Industrial revolution was able to build new land easily
Cartier discovered new territory, called New France
French attracted by fur trade and potential profit
Desire to convert natives to Christianity, gods work
First settlers diverse group, merchants, nobles, tradesmen, soldiers, religious
Only with culture women came to Canada
First nations women were more useful before
Taken as wives, taught French how to use land, used as interpreters
Immigration from France started to decrease when French lost war to British in
Second half of 18th century, British colonized Canada
First British settlers loyalists from U.S. who did not support U.S. revolution and
unhappy with separation
Scottish Highlanders established communities in Eastern Canada
Those who came to Canada mostly part of chain migration and established
Immigrants promised land, but land was already inhabited by first nations
Economy of Canada would’ve fallen apart without First Nations to help with fur
trade and how to handle the land, trap animals, use medicine, etc.
First Nations became an issue to Europeans
Europeans did not need First Nations skills anymore, only their land
Nation building promoted settlement of Western provinces
Act in 1872 passed to encourage settlement, stipulated 160 acres allocated to
families or 21 year old males.
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