SOSC 1185 Lecture Notes - Androcentrism, Reductionism, Sociobiology

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16 Oct 2012

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How it"s supposed to be assume that it"s correct/ appropriate. Biological determinism who we are, what we do in terms of our social statuses/ relationships are determined by our biology ex. Men and women are biologically different, therefore, it is only natural . Biological differences that determine who we are what is natural. Instead of thinking of men and women as different we should think of men and women as different variations: critical assessment of focus on biological differences, awareness of possible similarities, awareness of socially constructed differences as significant. Until we treat men and women the same socially then we have no way of telling what natural differences there may be between them. (j. s. Think about: even if there are natural differences, are they important, and should we make it important: envision sexes as variations on a theme" rather than opposites.