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Social Science
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Julie Dowsett

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February 6 2013 Marriage and divorce 1 women are no longer part of men’s property and liberal feminist state that it is a positive thing 1a mothering and fathering are about parenting Mothering and fathering are very different (like good mother or unfit mother) Mothering, is a wide variety of behavior, for “good fathers” they are associated with the role of providing for the family Fathering a child is just the creation of the child (sperm and egg) for mothers, its more judgmental 1b generally the importance of mothers changes in the political and economic conditions Child rearing is part of a women’s identity Women’s labour outside the home is required then its not emphasized but if labour outside home is not required then it is emphasized For economic standards, both parents work to have a middle class life style The ideology of motherhood is the primary role, and more of an idea of motherhood (by only giving birth to a child, can a women achieve her destiny or her full potential, and achieve their meaning in life) The “self-less” mother is usually someone who puts others before herself (puts her needs aside and puts her family first) A mother as a “keeper of hearth (fireplace) and heart” A “labour of love” Those who choose not to have children are seen as unnatural or selfish and those fathers who don’t want children are not seen as unnatural or selfish Ideology motherhood are usually heterosexual women, therefore those who are lesbian are seen as unfit mothers Mothers are blamed for many problems Feminist studies continue to be held responsible for any disorder of their child (bed wetting, learning problems etc) Employed mothers continue to be scolded for not spending enough time with their children Children are not negatively affected by their mothers employment, and those children in daycare can dev
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