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Lecture 5

SOSC 1350 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Line Of Actual Control, Due Process, Unlawful Combatant

Social Science
Course Code
SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

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Law and Moral Ambiguity: What is Murder?
Why do we have laws?
-To maintain social order
-Tell us how to live
-How society currently lives
Why do we have trials?
-To determine if someone is innocent or guilty
-Determine the truth and tell us the story
Protect us from abuses
Both parties get to be heard
Should be public so we know what is happening
No one can hold an immutable truth
Functions as the truth binding and as a story
The story is important to get on record to know what happened
Let ppl know behind the crime
V. imp. To hold a trial
Principle of transparency is everything
The Trial:
About truth or finding fact
To tell a story
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To determine innocence or guilt
To restore
To punish
To protect us
Recent Cases:
Shafia Trial: Tooba Mohammad Yahya and Mohammad Shafia
It’s not a traditional war
It’s not a traditional crime
Domestic Law Constraint
International Human Rights Norms
State Sovereignty
Authorization for Use of Military Force
Legal Issues:
What is Murder?
-Not a murder if it is self defense
-When the treaty of the state interferes wit
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