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Lecture 16

SOSC 1350 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Canadian Identity, Racism, Islamic Feminism

Social Science
Course Code
SOSC 1350
Reese Simpkins

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SOSC 1350
Official Multiculturalism:
Quebec and Pierre Trudeau’s federalism
Multiculturalism Policy of Canada (1971)
Charter – includes multiculturalism as key feature if Canadian identity
Multiculturalism Act (1988)
Key feature of politics and elections
oNot concerned with racism, discrimination or social justice
Multiculturalism relates to grants, funding and certain kinds of activities
Links to Canadian national identity
oNationalism: The ways in which a group of people – often within a
country – come to imagine themselves as having a shared history
and share destiny
oExample: Baltej Singh Dhillon (1990)
oApplied to the RCMP
oChallenged to wear his turban in the police force
oTurban is an integral part of his religion
oDisruption of white Canada myth
(Anti Racist) Feminist Critiques:
Multiculturalism: Tool to maintain difference, distance and dominance
while maintaining its language of diversity and inclusion
Example of equivocation
Not linked to formal or substantive equality
Problem with multiculturalism’s emphasis on symbols of religion and
Cultural racism
oClaims not be about racism
oPuts different cultures on a hierarchy
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