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Lecture 3

SOSC 1731 Lecture 3: SOSC 1732 Alexander the Great Notes

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Alexander the Great and the Birth of Hellenism
-Alexander the Great’s father was Philip II of Macedon, king of
Mecedonia. - An empty kingdom the north of Greece. It was
run by the Greeks until he took over.
-He was held captive during his childhood in Thebes by the
Greeks there. - After the Palepaligion war, Sparta & Athens
were weakened. This was when he took over Macedon. He
conquered Thessaly, Thrace & Molossia; they were added to
the Macedonian empire.
-Athens & Thebes still controlled a lot of the land, and Philip
wanted to conquer them.
-They fought back & joined together to protect themselves.
His used his new empire to create his league of allies.
-The result of cities joining his league & him pressuring other
cities to join was “the League of Corinth”. It included most of
Greece with Phillip as their leader. - He threatened the lone
holdouts: the Spartans. They replied “if”.
-He sought to lead them. They fell into line & respected the
Greek’s martial prowess.
-The Masedonians respected the Greek people’s achievements.
-With the Masedonians leading, Greek culture looked poised to
take over the world, but then Phillip was assassinated by his
ex-boyfriend, Paulsanious. - Phillip’s rule fell to his son
Alexander. Alexander inherited much from his father. - He
inherited a wealthy empire around the Aegean sea, power of
the Macedonian army & Greeks, and got an amazing education
from Aristotle. He also watched his father turn Greece into
something better.
-Alexander used all this to begin a campaign of conquest.
-He conquered Levant, Syria, Asia minor & the Persian empire,
adding it to his own empire. He also invaded Pakistan.
-He was undefeated until they reached India & he was defeated
by his own soldiers. He was forced to go home.
-He was a keen politician & powerful warrior.
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-He burned cities that resisted him, killed their men & sold their
women into slavery, yet he showed leniency to people who
were kind to him.
-He made allies of his fiercest opponents & at Troy he visited
the grave of Akeles, & at Jerusalem he respected their G-d &
accepted a place in their prophecies.
-In Egypt, he liberated the Egyptian people & took the title King
of the Universe. - He also built; his empire was threatened
by cultural, linguistic & religious differences.
-To unite them, he built cities across his empire & made other
Greeks run the empire for him. Because of him, Greek culture
& language spread around the continent.
-The term for that is Hellenization & marks the beginning of the
Hellenistic period.
-He never made it home though; he died in Babylon.
-Without him, his empire was in danger of collapsing as soon as
it was built.
-Alexander ended up leaving his empire to the “strongest”
which was no help. - This caused fighting between his generals
& families. In the end, his empire was divided into 4 smaller
kingdoms: Masedon, Pergon in Asia minor, Talumay in Egypt, &
the Salucid empire in the east.
-All the places he travelled to & conquered were known as the
real world.
Alexander the Great
-Alexander was the son of a king Philip II & a princess &
conquered the ancient known world. He was born in
Masodenia in 356 B.C.
-From an early age, he showed physical courage. He tamed the
horse Usephelus.
-He was trained & received education from Aristotle.
-He became friends with Nephista, his future lover.
-Alex learned about the wonders of the world through Aristotle.
Another great influence was his mother, Olympias. She
wanted power for herself & her son. She was a high priestess of a
count devoted to Dionises, which involved snake handling. She
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