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Lecture 2

SOSC 1910 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Economic System, Free Market, Invisible Ink

Social Science
Course Code
SOSC 1910
Dorathy Moore

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AP SOSC 1210 (lecture) Wednesday,
September 23, 2009
Human Rights in the Canadian Context
Preface: Democracy & Human Rights
1) The Conversion of human rights principles into law in Canada
2) Human rights: the translation process
a) constitutional rights
b) human rights codes
c) ordinary status
Key Character Social Democracy:
Participate in decisions
Fair share in economic system
Safety net
Sense of belonging
Political & social citizenship
Began with 1215. Magna Carta
Rule of law had monarchy & put constraints on his power, giving citizens control
17th century:
oEstablished supremacy of parliament over crown
oBegan gov’t practice
oRepresentative gov’t or gov’t by consent of governor producing more
First time there was constraint on monarch, then aristocracy
Laws must be inactive according to known rules
Everyone subject to law including monarch
oNo one is above law
oMore equality
oAll equal before law
Relationship between social equality & political system
Relationship between democratic ideal of economic system & social equality
oFree market or capitalist system
oEquality built right into it
oNot inherently delegatory system
oWorkers & owners great equality promoted
Democracy not about winners or losers, about all participating & benefiting gov’t must
Needs legislation for equality so there’s more equitable distribution of wealth
Economic systems needs to be constrained like monarchy so system = equality
1) The Conversion of human rights principles into law in Canada
Kallen said: human right covenants not binding law for states
oAttempt to implement principles into Canadian law
oStatement of intent
oInternational level law needs to be converted into our law, becoming legal
claim for individuals
oGovernment is binding by own law
Canada signed all but Indigenous ppl claims
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