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Lecture 3

SOSC 1910 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Journalists For Human Rights, Social Distance, Scientific Method

Social Science
Course Code
SOSC 1910
Dorathy Moore

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AP SOSC 1210 (lecture) Wednesday,
September 30, 2009
Missed points from last lecture:
“fundamental freedom” freedoms we have to the state – political right
“democratic rights” - political right
Canada’s rights are very divisible, political are bedrock of all rights
Key concepts in the creation of minorities
Intro: the social creation of minority status
1) definitions of minority & majority/dominant groups
2) labeling & stereotypes
3) invalidation myths & ideologies
4) discrimination & HR violations: forms of discrimination
a) individual b) institutional c) structural/systemic
5) the relationship of prejudice to discrimination
6) othering & the self-fulfilling prophecy
7) outcome: socially constructed minority status/group disadvantage, marginality or
created dependency
Human process dynamic
Not wholly constrained by physical laws, imagined law can have real effect
Social construction of reality, put interpretation of reality (may or may not be true in
absolute sense)
Interpretation, explanation, definition = make sense of world become guidelines
respond to what’s going on
Social construction = definition + direction = form basis of us
^ based on assumption from knowledge/info / or based on truth or none at all
We are capable of social construction & minority groups (not naturally inferior, it’s what
we believe)
Treat minorities how we believe it treatment (our acts based on belief violates HR)
Our prejudices don’t constitute violation of HR can think what we like
Treatment of minorities violate HR
Power all dimensions of life, exercised politically, socially, economically
Not exclusive jurisdiction of government principle source of grant/deny rights
Media can have significant impact on gov’t policies how gov’t act
Based on norms want to impose requisite to exercise power
Power itself not problem, way exercised is problem
Rights deal w/ inequality in power way to counterbalance
onot # or proportion of population
oworking in HR perspective
ogroup/category subject to denial HR social economic political
society level more minority than dominant
oAparti South Africa
oUpper vs. lower class
oFrench minority in Quebec powerful, outside not
Corresponding majority, relative notion eg. Upper vs. lower class
Minority @ society level
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