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Lecture 4

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Social Science
Course Code
SOSC 1910
Dorathy Moore

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AP SOSC 1210 (lecture) Wednesday,
October 21, 2009
Socio – Economic Rights
Key concepts: substantive equality remedying group/categorical/individual inequality
Preface: competing world views about socio-economic rights
1) International protection covenant on economical social & political rights, Limburg
principles & Maastricht guidelines
2) Canadian situation
a) evidence of poverty in Canada b) invalidating
c) forms of discrimination i) omission – law = neglect
ii) discrimination of silence
iii) commission differential rights = diminution
3) systemic discrimination – policy decisions
View: socio-economic rights not right at all
Interfere with free market operation – capitalism
Keep gov’t away, don’t regulate, market provide all want & needs
Eg. US healthcare
oState funded vs. insurance funded
oDon’t take into account can’t afford for private healthcare
Argue: market mechanism are inherently unfair, unequal relations
Will create huge debts in incomes
At international level there is huge gap, rich vs. poor
oTop 20% rich received 25% of global income
oBottom 20% poor received 1.4% of global income
Produce high level economic inequality
High unemployment, can’t find jobs to sustain self
Structural inadequacy
oState must have meaningful safety net
oState must have ability to sustain powers
oOr else huge disparity (eg. France prior revolution)
Gov’t need protect citizens, have to enact laws to ensure protection exist
After 1986, Limburg principles
Maastricht guidelines placed to make bearable but to fullest extent with states economic
homeless & food banks = human right violation
unsafe working environment, failure to support wage bargaining
minimum wage that can’t begin to sustain life = human right violation
states make sure rights protected
try to make progress to greater equality or social conditions so all experience full
citizenship = democracy goal
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