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16 Oct 2011

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AP SOSC 1210 (lecture) Wednesday,
January 14th, 2010
review kallen nov. 9th -techniques of domination
1. control of immigration as a means in which the dominant group controls
2. control of land
3. control of opportunities in Canada
Model of Competitive Racism
1. Majority assumptions: inferior, culture/ race, threat to dominance, dangerous
2. Rationale: whitest= brightest= right(s)
3. Interiorized attribute: culture/ race
4. Invalidation ideology: racism
5. Majority Policy: malevolence:
a. Containment through segregation, prosecution, and or exclusion
6. Human rights violations: individual and categorical/ collective;
a. denial of educational, political rights
7. Internalization and self-fulfilling prophecy
Film: Shadow of Gold Mountain
Many Chinese were forced to pay the Head Tax in Canada –up to $500
Used as a tool to monitor Chinese immigration to Canada
Chinese came to Canada in large part because of interest in the benefits of the Gold
Many Chinese labourers lost their lives- had to use dynamite to blast through Rockies
to access channels
No need for Chinese immigration and labourers upon the completion of the Railway
Justified that the Chinese were driving skilled workers out of employment
People payed willingly within the context of the Immigration Act
Upon arrival Chinese brought to a “pig house” detained, only released via bribery
Head tax certificate demonstrated ones citizenship
Experienced discrimination in almost every aspect of life
British families were given land for free, while Chinese required to pay head tax
July 1st 1923- Chinese first group within Canada excluded because of race- for 24 yrs
Took away Chinese right to return to Canada if you left Canada without returning for
2 yrs
Tax pays at times died of starvation
Chinese went to war to prove their citizenship and to demand rights and inclusion w/i
Wives and children of Chinese deemed as citizens were able to come to Canada
1947 Chinese immigration act repealed
1982- PM Trudeau introduced new charter- sought inclusion of Chinese under Charter
Approx. 23 million dollars, collected from over 81, 000 Chinese immigrants
Groups sought individual compensation, apology and guarantee this doesn’t reoccur
When gov instituted the head tax initially they were not forced to pay
1994- gov decides not to grant financial compensation for Chinese Canadians; state
resources will be used to improve current problems
Chinese file a law suit
Suit went to SCC; turned down – charter cannot be retroactively be used, and applied
to the Chinese head tax
No Chinese entered Canada btwn 1923-1947 only after the war
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