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Lecture 9

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Social Science
Course Code
SOSC 1910
Dorathy Moore

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Heterosexism: Gays and Lesbians SOSC 1210 Feb 3/10
1. Stigmatization and stigma by association
2. Heterosexism and homophobia: invalidation myth ideologies
3. Forms of discrimination
o Persecution
o Systemic discrimination
Criminalization: passing and the closet: the impact of the double life syndrome
The education system
Dominant group in effect others not only gays and lesbians but also to transgendered people
Dominant group says that anyone who does not conform to what they do is “unnatural”; its a bipolar world divided into males and
Not just gays and lesbians that have been othered
Argue in claiming those rights and winning them what has happened is that it has begun to broaden our understanding of
sexuality and the legitimate ways in which it can be expressed
Stigmatization: concept that refers to the phenomenon of deep discreditization
Derives from the discrediting label imposed on the ppl assumed to be the barer of the negative evaluated attribute
Once imposed, the label grants the person as less than human/ anti human; a social outcast
Like inferior sex attribute they provide social authorities with racializations for treating the population differently there by denying
them HR
Logic of dominant group if your not fully human your not entitled to human rights
Inferior attributes are socially constructed
Stigmatized attribute is sexual orientation in the case of homosexuality
This refers to the sexual and affectional preference for same sex relations
Myth: homosexuals are unlike heterosexuals because they lack the affectionate aspect; thus are less valid b/c they do not produce
a social support system
In the case of stigma it can either be discredited or discreditable
Discredited stigma is one that is known and a discreditable stigma is one that is not known but would lead to discrimination if it
was known
Consider stigma by association: by associating with someone who is or who is perceived to be gay or lesbian you are stigmatized
as well
Kinsman article shows how stigma by association can work; RCMP campaign against gays and lesbians
Homophobia: the irrational fear or hatred of homosexuals based on the myths that are held about them
Biphobia; the irrational fear of bisexual ppl
Transphobia; irrational fear of transsexual ppl
Kallen: 3 common myths about homosexuals
Obsessed with sex
Recruit other ppl to homosexuality
Child molesters
Homosexual men are feminine
Homosexuality is unnatural
Homosexuals are sick
Contribute to perception that homosexuals are dangerous and contribute to our moral and physical well being
Rationalized by the view that they are less than human
Ideology reflected in practises and policies of gov
Used to validate one population and invalidating all others
Rooted in believe that heterosexuals should be privileged above all other sexualities
Attribute is socially inferiorized, stigmatized, dehumanized
Policies are malevolent
Being straight = being human= having human rights
Homosexuals have historically been the object of genocide in early period of western Europe history 16th century
Considered to be heretical; going against the church
Burned at the stake; women called witches
Faggot referred to the sticks that were used to burn them at the stake
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