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Lecture 2

SOSC 1910 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Osgoode Hall Law School, International Covenant On Civil And Political Rights, Drafter

Social Science
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SOSC 1910
Dorathy Moore

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Wednesday, September, 12. 2012
AP SOCS 1210 Human Rights in a Socio - Legal Context
Lecture No. 2
Lecture Notes - Copied from Notebook
Human rights at the International Level
United Nations
Always in search of peace.
Exists to promote and protect human rights.
Canada has a positive history about being supportive.
John P. Humphrey :
vDrafter of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
v1st director of United Nations Human rights division.
vBelieves there is a fundamental link between human rights and peace.
Lester B. Pearson:
vFormer Prime Minister.
vDeveloped concept of Peace Keeping Forces.
vReceived Novel Peace Prize.
Stephen Lewis:
vCanadian Ambassador to United Nations.
vProfessor of Law at Osgoode Law School.
Government has not always supported Canadian effect.
Did not support Louise reappointment as high commissioner because President Bush
did not support her views, so then the Canadian Prime Minister followed.
Prior to World War II, Human Rights were considered a country's own business.
Until World War II, there was a world policy of non - interference.
Internationally, Human Rights are what we call Moral Principles : A set of good ideas of
how people should be
Background and Fundamental Principles
oIBHR : International Bill of Human Rights
Consists of - UDHR : Universal Declaration of Human Rights
*** 1st piece of a bigger puzzle that created the IBHR ***
Adopted in 1948
ICCPR : International covenant on Civil and Political Rights
* When analyzing right, use all of these documents because they target a different area of
rights *
Hoping to ensure that all minorities are coming under the international bills.
Declaration of norm (Human Rights).
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