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INTRO. introduction lecture to a hard course. intro is important to understand.

Social Science
Course Code
SOSC 2350
Allyson Lunny

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Major themes:
Rule of law (RoFL)
The place and function of law in society
Does law lead social change or does law follow social change?
Socio-legal critiques and theories of the Rule of Law
Ex. A critical investigation of the rofl might expose its short-
sightedness, its limitations, its necessity, its deficits, and/or its values
What is Law and society?
Law is in the domain of the social
It is not autonomours or self-contained
It is a human and thus social institution
Law impacts the social and the social impacts the law
Our program: one of the longest established programs in north america
Truly interdisciplinary
Our progessors come from a variety of academic backgrounds
Law is social [made by human beings for human beings]
Its about 30 years old
[academic backgrounds] = all over the board
What is interdisciplinary?
A field that is composed of a mirated of methedologies, theories and research
interests that over lap
Studying law but coming at it at different sections
Not just interested in the legal but in the social aspect as well
Socio-legal questions not legal questions
Law is Everywhere!
Policies that are set up between human beings
Ex. Professor/student relationship
Ex. Respect to civility
Ex. Money isnt just a piece of paper its legally recognized as a part of money
Functions of law
Why do we need law?
Sanctions= punishments/penalty/some kind of negative outcome
Rules to govern what happens next, sanctions to support those rules
Dispute settlement
Law is one form of many that provides a method of dispute resolution
There are other ways to settle disputes other then appearing to law
Mediation is another way
Social change
Law evolves
Its not a progressive thing its not necessarily aggressive
Ex. Germany- constitutional government before ww2, and through the
democratic process the nazi party came into power. What did they do ? They
changed the laws. The things were still legitimatly legal but they changed the
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