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Police Powers and Accountability

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Anna Pratt

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Lecture 11
Thursday November 28, 2013
Police Powers and Accountability
Guest speaker
Police Powers and Accountability – Adam Vaughan, City Councillor
Guest Speaker
Toronto Police Services Board
oSetting budgets
oDevelop police policy/strategies E.g. by using crime stats, put correct
number of police in correct area
oCity council generally has power to budget policing # of police
oProfessional standards and public complaints.
oTrack and watch police DUI, anger issues, and other issues to make sure
that police are not harm to self or others. Public trust
oRegulates usage of police tools. E.g. regulations for tasers.
oCan be appointed by council, province, or mayor’s office
Toronto Police Service Board Members/City Councillors cannot direct frontline
officers on their job.
oB/c you will be in charge of promotions, so don’t want bias
oYou are overseeing officer’s performance, so don’t want bias.
City councillors not allowed to bring police complaints to public. Must bring to
police service board directly.
When Calgary cop comes to Toronto, are
1. Police Governance
Toronto City Council
Mayor and 44 elected City Councillors

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Lecture 11 Thursday November 28, 2013       Police Powers and Accountabi ity Guest speaker Police Powers and Accountability – Adam Vaughan, City Councillor  Guest Speaker • Toronto Police Services Board o Setting budgets o Develop police policy/strategies E.g. by using crime stats, put correct  number of police in correct area o City council generally has power to budget policing▯  of police o Professional standards and public complaints.  o Track and watch police DUI, anger issues, and other issues to make sure  that police are not harm to self or othe▯ ublic trust o Regulates usage of police tools. E.g. regulations for tasers.  o Can be appointed by council, province, or mayor’s office • Toronto Police Service Board Members/City Councillors cannot direct frontline  officers on their job.  o B/c you will be in charge of promotions, so don’t want bias o You are overseeing officer’s performance, so don’t want bias.  • City councillors not allowed to bring police complaints to public. Must bring to  police service board directly.  • When Calgary cop comes to Toronto, are 1.  Police Governance   Toronto City Council • Mayor and 44 elected City Councillors • Sets amount and parameters of police budget • Allocation and spending of police resources (e.g. helicopter? Tasers?)  • No direct oversight or ‘fine­tuning’▯ o direct oversight over police practices Toronto Police Services Board • 7 member ‘civilian’ body that oversees the Toronto Police Service • Toronto Police Services Act lays out who makes up those 7 members. • Awkward/difficult position for city council members who are also on Toronto  Police Services Board ▯ ot allowed to talk to frontline officers about their  position/duties.▯ nvolved in filing complaints about police/promoting officers  ▯ annot be seen to have relationships w/ officers that compromise their  objectivity▯ annot direct police on how to police their community c▯ annot  address the public directly▯ ust only speak with police chief.  o Problematic because Vaughan wanted to address public after Eatons  Center but couldn’t ▯ hy are civilian organizations most restricted in  times of bad events happening? ii) Contested Role and Score of PSBs • “Politicians who happen to form the government…should be kept in ignorance of  the day to day operation of the police force ”  • 2 QUOTES OFF SLIDES S. 31 Police Services Act • “The Board shall not direct the chief of police with respect to specific operational  decisions or with
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